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"Living boldly, expressing deeply and shining a light on our darkest shadow

gives way to the revealing of our true self."

My goal is to help clients live meaningful, joyful lives, not just be rid of symptoms; to bridge the gap between feeling just OK and feeling joy, and the gap between just surviving and thriving. 

In my own journey, I witnessed the devastating psychological effects that PTSD had on my father. I also witnessed his recovery from PTSD, once he sought help from a therapist.  This experience has undoubtedly impacted my approach to therapy as I am a strong believer of a person's ability to recover from challenging life experiences. I learned that being "well" is a process that involves reducing symptoms and suffering as well as finding one's passion, one's meaning, so they can engage in a more fulfilling life.

I have witnessed and experienced the growth and healing that is born from therapy and I know treatment can work. In the 20 years of my career as a therapist, I have been fortunate to witness the healing and personal growth of clients who have encountered a variety of life challenges. In our time together, we'll uncover your truest self so you can fully engage in the lifestyle, decisions, relationships and business opportunities that support you following your golden path.