How To Wake-Up From Sleeping

Hitting that snooze button more times than you’d care to admit?

Do you find yourself late to work or school most days or struggling to get up and going?

Studies have shown that how we “wake up” in the morning has a huge impact on our ability to meet daily demands. Setting up a routine for waking up from sleeping can help you to meet your goals and “slay your day”!


The first , essential component here is to know your body and your unique constitution; there is no “one size fits all” approach to getting a good night’s sleep and waking up with vitality and energy. Some folks are “Owls” or in other words, they operate best at staying up late and waking up in the late morning. The other side of the coin is the lark who is sleepy by 9 and wakes with energy at the break of dawn. These folks are at the 6AM Crossfit class and ready to greet the day! Other folks are happy with a 10PM bedtime and 6AM wake-up. As you can see, there’s lot of variability so, tailor these tips to your specific needs:


1.     When you begin to come into the awareness of being awake, keep your eyes closed and notice what it feels like to be in your body. Use your hands to caress your body by bringing your toes to meet your hands, run your hands along your toes to your ankles then up your legs to your magnificent thighs and stomach then your chest. Bring your hands up to caress your throat to the top of your head and then stretch your fingers above your head and stretch your toes. Oh my goodness, what a glorious body you have!

2.     Welcome in the light and vision. With your eyes still closed, bring your palms to your eyes so they are covering your eyes. Slowly, move the palms away as your open your eyes, keeping your gaze on your palms. Good Morning!

3.     While still in bed, come to sitting crossed-leg and bring your arms up to a 60 degree position with your fingers folded down on your palms and begin a Breath Of Fire for 1 minute.

4.     Now Get out of Bed. No more then 15 minutes has passed and you are now ready to get out of bed and begin your morning wake time ritual.

5.     Have a morning ritual. Perhaps it’s to make some tea or coffee, complete a morning meditation or to shower, brush your teeth and get dressed. Whatever it is, be sure you complete your morning ritual at the same time each day for most of the week so your circadian rhythm can be in synch with your daily schedule.


Follow these tips and you will begin to establish a deeper connection between your mind and body. This will usher in the foundation of self discipline and vitality.