I’m often asked “are there any books you’d recommend?” or “where did you get that..(insert item)..” so this page is for folks looking for books and other ways to expand your personal growth knowledge, yoga and/or meditation space.

A quick note - yoga and meditation can be easily experienced without any additional items so you likely already have what you need! Remember that the earliest yogis practiced for generations on a bare floor and with little coverage so, it can be done! For those who want a little more comfort, I’ll list some items here for you to consider.

Another quick note - these items can be purchased at lots of other stores and there are LOTS of choices out there and if you choose to purchase something from a link on my website, as an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases.


Yoga & Meditation Items

During chilly mornings, a natural fiber blanket can be helpful to wrap-up in during meditation.

For folks who are new to meditation or are practicing for longer than a few minutes, a Meditation Pillow can be helpful for relieving tension in the knees and hips. Positioning the hips above the knees is one way to reduce physical discomfort and something like a buckwheat cushion can provide support and a bit of lift.

Our phones have become so convenient and yet when meditating, a phone can create a distraction. It might be a bit old school for some but having a separate timer (so you can have your phone away from you) can provide the mental space to allow you to go deeper in your meditation while not having to worry about the time.

Book Recommendations

Spiritual Awakening/Emergence

Psychedelics Harm Reduction

Manual of Psychedelic Support
By Zevic Mishor, Annie Oak, Jon Hanna, Kaya, Svea Nielsen, Twilight

Other Educational Books on Psychedelics